New House, New Adventures

You may have noticed that I haven’t written a post since winter time. Life has been crazy for the past several months and unfortunately, until a few weeks ago, cooking has been on the back burner. The most exciting thing that has happened in our lives is that my husband and I purchased our first home! I’ve been painting, fixing, and decorating like a mad woman, but we are finally settled in.

I thought today that I’d give a little tour of the new kitchen. The kitchen and I are still getting used to each other. It is by no means my dream kitchen, but it has a lot of charm and I am growing to love cooking in it more every day. This is our first house. The dream kitchen can wait.

When we first moved in, the kitchen was two shades of pink, divided by chair rail. My first act as a new home owner was to rip out the chair rail and paint the whole thing teal(my favorite color, which by the way, looks much more green in person than it does in these pictures). Along the way, I’ve added a few new things like shelving and a magnetic knife strip, which I love. The bones of the kitchen are wonderful. Our house was built in 1937 and still has the original cabinets. They are gorgeous and provide tons of storage space!

The kitchen is galley style, but a very wide galley. Plenty of room to move around and for multiple people to cook in at once. I’ve got a big pot of chicken stock going on the stove right now. The house smells amazing!

Who doesn’t love a good built-in?

The original cabinets include spice drawers and a flour bin. Clearly my organization still leaves something to be desired…don’t judge me.

Huge sage and mint “bushes” in our back yard.

We moved in mid-June, so I got things planted pretty late. The garden seems happy though. My tomato plants are mammoth, which I chalk up to good compost dirt and all the heat. I have had tons of beautiful peppers and eggplants as well. The mums, on the other hand, aren’t quite as happy.

This is the first time I have had my own garden and thus my first time canning my own food. My aunt gave me her old pressure canner, which was a bit intimidating, but after using it a couple times I can’t imagine canning any other way. So far, I’ve done tomato sauce, escabeche, and three kinds of jam. I’m going to try raw packing green beans after I hit the farmer’s market this weekend.

So there you have it, the new kitchen. As far as the future of Elise’s Kitchen, expect a recipe here and there. Right now I’m just enjoying my new home, exploring our beautiful neighborhood, and cooking for me.


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3 Responses to “New House, New Adventures”

  • Mom says:

    yay! What farmer’s market? Tomorrow?

  • Joy says:

    Just discovered your site and love the recipes! Please keep on writing! Do you have facebook or rss update? I don’t do the twitter thing (though I will if that’s the only method to recieve your updates). My daughter’s name is Elise and she will get a kick out of this! All the best!

    • Elise says:

      I don’t update the blog much anymore, so I would recommend just checking back in every couple months. Twitter is reply the only place I give notices.

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